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Synonyms: Dimethyl

Chemical formula: C3H6O

International name: ACETONE

CAS No: 67-64-1

Appearance: liquid

Storage: Store in ventilated and dry area at a moderate temperature away from ignition sources

Acetone is a popular solvent, far superior in terms of safety gasoline, turpentine and kerosene part. In particular, it is used as a solvent: in the manufacture of varnishes in the manufacture of explosives in the production of drugs in the adhesive composition kinoplёnok solvent for cellulose acetate, and celluloid; a component for cleaning surfaces in various industrial processes; as cleaner tools and surfaces of foam - in aerosol containers. Without acetone can not be stored in a compact (liquefied and cylinder) form acetylene which can not be stored under pressure in pure form because of the danger of explosion. To do this, use a container with a porous material impregnated with acetone. 1 liter of acetone and 250 liters of acetylene. In organic chemistry, applied in acetone as a polar aprotic solvent, in particular of the alkylation reaction, the oxidation of alcohols in the presence of aluminum alkoxides Oppenauer also indispensable for the preparation of a mixture of cooling baths with "dry ice", and liquid ammonia (cooled to -78 ° C) . Very useful for the chemical washing of dishes, due to its low price, low toxicity, high volatility and easy solubility in water, as well as rapid drying dishes and inorganic substances.

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