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Used only as a check. Because this refrigerator has a spherical expansion, the current vapor becomes turbulence; this cooling effect of the refrigerator is considerably higher than that of a Liebig condenser. However, on the outer surface and atmospheric moisture condenses and place of junction A is also dangerous. Submission of coolant from bottom-up. Through ball refrigerator conveniently insert axis mixer, introduced into the reactor various substances, well washed into the flask and heated condensate them. Typically, the number of balls in such refrigerators ranges from 3 to 8. In order to avoid flooding, when the condensate does not have time to flow back into the flask with the boiling liquid, a ball return refrigerator mounted in a tilted position, but the inclination should not be too large, so that the condensate does not accumulate in the balls . Condensate accumulation reduces the effective cooling surface of the refrigerator.

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