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Detector tubes - filled with a glass tube (for example, crushed silica) treated with solutions of chemical reagents. Designed for rapid determination of gaseous components in the air concentrations of toxic substances (nitrogen oxides, ethanol and others.). The concentration of the latter is determined by the length or intensity of staining filler layer after passing through the indicator tube a certain volume of the test air.
Indicator tubes are successfully used for the preliminary assessment of air quality and other gaseous media in order to ensure safe working conditions, environmental monitoring, and others. Detector tubes can be used to detect endogenous fires at an early stage of their occurrence, control of ventilation of mine workings after blasting in exploration fire, quality control and fire insulation waste sites and in other cases.
Detector tubes can be used in enterprises of different industries, where there is a need to monitor the quality of the gaseous medium. Detector tubes allow operatively in all conditions to conduct a rapid analysis of the respective gases can be used in explosive atmospheres.
The main advantages of using measurements of test tubes:
- Speed of analysis and obtaining results on-site air sampling;
- Simplicity of the method and apparatus that allows the analysis of persons who have no special training;
- Light weight and dimensions, as well as low cost equipment;
- Sufficient sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis;
- Convenience in the preparation and execution of the measurements - in particular, does not require adjustment and tuning equipment prior to analysis;
- Does not require a source of electricity and heat, etc.

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