Indicators series "Medis"

Product Details

  • Category: Indicator tests
  • Release Date: 11-2014
  • Expiration Date: 3 года / 2 года
  • Country of Origin:


TU 9398-027-11764404-2003
Medis indicators designed for rapid visual inspection of compliance of critical variables steam sterilization - sterilization temperature, sterilization time of exposure and the presence of saturated steam - steam sterilizers in the chamber to remove the air by blowing steam.

Product Features:

• belong to a class 4 (multivariable indicators) on the classification of GOST ISO 11140-1-2011;
• placed in the sterilizer chamber outside sterilized products;
• a clear color transition from the initial to the final green brown;
• sticky layer on the reverse side indicator facilitates its binding to the sterilized packages and pasting documents in the archive;
• non-toxic, do not contain lead compounds during use and storage does not emit noxious and toxic components;

• Shelf life - 36 months.

Apply to the following sterilization cycles:

Indicator title

Mode air sterilization (temperature, ° C / Time min / vapor pressure, MPa)

Control values (temperature, ° C / Time min)





132 ± 2/20+2/0.20 ± 0.02



180 ± 3/60+5


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