Indicators series "SteriTEST-P"

Product Details

  • Category: Indicator tests
  • Release Date: 10-2014
  • Expiration Date: 3 года
  • Country of Origin:


TU 9398-042-11764404-2003

Indicators SteriTEST-P are designed for quick visual inspection of compliance with the critical variables steam sterilization - sterilization temperature, sterilization time of exposure and the presence of saturated water vapor inside the products to be sterilized and sterilization packages of products at their sterilization in steam sterilizers with the removal of air from the sterilization chamber by blowing steam .

Product Features:


• belong to a class 4 (multivariable indicators) on the classification of GOST ISO 11140-1-2011;
• placed inside sterilized products, packages, boxes, packings;
• a clear color transition from the initial red-orange to end the dark blue-purple;
• indicator composition hermetically packaged in a vapor-permeable polymer shell in contact components of the composition of the indicator does not move on the product and do not have any effect on them;
• sticky layer on the reverse side indicator facilitates its binding to the sterilized packages and documentation;
• non-toxic, do not contain lead compounds during use and storage does not emit noxious and toxic components;
• Shelf life - 36 months.

Apply to the following sterilization cycles:


Indicator title

Mode steam sterilization (temperature, ° C / Time min / vapor pressure, MPa)

Control values (temperature, ° C / Time min)





132 ± 2/20+2/0.20±0.02


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