pH-meter, pH-millivolt 150MI

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pH-meter, pH-millivolt 150MI is intended for measurement of pH values, oxidation-reduction potential (Eh) and temperature in technological and other water solutions, natural and waste waters. the pH-meter of a pH-150MI can be used in stationary and mobile laboratories of the enterprises and research establishments of the chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical industry, in rural economy, medicine, biology, and also in other branches of national economy. Executions for application at the enterprises of the meat and baking industry for direct measurement of pH and Eh of meat, bakery products and semi-finished products are provided. the pH-meter of a pH-150MI is new modification of widely known pH-150 device which unites the last achievements in the field of analytical instrument making and long-term experience of release and operation (since 1985 more than 100 thousand pieces of devices of the pH-150 series are made).

- in the microprocessor device there are no mechanical bodies of management that excludes possibility of casual failure of settings;
- the pH-meter of a pH-150MI is executed in the case;
- with autonomous food use of ph-meter in field conditions is possible;
- the device pH-meter of a pH-150MI is easy-to-work, works in the dialogue mode with use of helps to the operator;
- automatic diagnostics of parameters of electrode system;
- use of interchangeable thermal sensors allows not to carry out control at their replacement.
Complete with pH the meter delivers all necessary for carrying out measurements, including the combined electrode of ESK-10603/7 and the support of ShU-05 equipped with a rotary little table.
pH meter-150 MI allows to specify values of coordinates of an isopotential point of the used electrode system. Thanks to the built-in memory of ph rn-150 MI allows to store meter to 30 of results and to stop process of measurements with deduction of the current indications on the display. Automatic recognition of any of standard calibration solutions рН: 1,65; 4,01; 6,86; 9,18; 12,43 facilitates graduation of ph-meter.

Range of measurement of the device pH 0.00 ... 12.00
  mV -1999 ... 1999
  temperature -10 ... 100 °C
Discreteness pH 0.01
  mV 1
  temperature 1 °C
The main error of the instrument pH ±0.05
  temperature ±2 °C
Display   4th digit LCD
Temperature compensation   manual and automatic -10 ... 100 °C
Power from a network (220±22) V; (50±0.5) Hz\"
  autonomous 6 (1.5 x 4), four built-in power type A31
Consumption from a network not more than 8.0 V • A
  autonomous less than 10 mA
Overall dimensions converter 245 x 110 x 75 mm
  packing 290 x 220 x 140 mm
Weight converter 0.8 kg
  set 2.1 kg

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