Drying oven SNOL 24/200

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  • Category: Laboratory equipment
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Low-temperature laboratory electric (drying oven) SNOL 24/200 is designed to dry various materials, analytical work in the air in stationary conditions at a temperature of from 50 to 200 ° C.
The working chamber is made of plain carbon steel. SNOL 24/200 model with stainless steel chamber discontinued in favor of a model SNOL 20/300 of a series of ovens new generation of variable speed fan speed control valve exhaust and acoustic alarm.
Drying oven SNOL 24/200 is available in a complete set with a simple electronic or electronic thermostat.

Rated capacity in kW:


Supply voltage, V:


AC frequency in Hz:


Number of phases:


Warm-up time to the electric nominal temperature without cages, m:


Automatic temperature control range, ° C:


Temperature stability in the steady thermal conditions, without cages, ° C:

+/- 2

Chamber dimensions, mm, not less: width * height * depth:


Overall dimensions, mm, max width * depth * height:


Weight, kg:


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